Mr. Ravinder Puri

Tel: +91-94185-17412


Dear Prospective Gurukul Students,
As you consider where to go for your school education. I invite you to discover for yourself Gurukul’s multi dimensional and trans-formative educational experience. Having just marched through its eight years of glorious existence the institution is rich in academic offerings, student – centric programmes and heritage. Here you can look forward to opportunities, space and challenges to discover yourself and pursue your passion while you develop yourself as professional ready to face the real world challenges. At Gurukul we celebrate the success of our students every day : success to excel in academics, in co-curricular in search in district and state level competitions.
Through our best practices and strong academic base Gurukul is committed to the goal of building up a new paradigm for the sustain able evolution of human society.
I am sure you will not only find the educational experience enjoyable and rewarding, you will also gain and grow as a person and leader. I look forward to welcoming you at Gurukul.